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Gin & Tonic: Here’s What You Might Be Doing Wrong 


What could be so tricky about mixing gin, tonic, and ice, right? Well, many things can go wrong. Making the perfect gin & tonic takes a bit more effort than many are led to believe. 

Australia’s gin market is soaring, with an expected CAGR of 8.40%! Want to know what the master distillers are doing right? Then, keep reading to learn about the top mistakes that could ruin your G & T! 

  1. Not Using Enough Ice 

Worried that too much ice could dilute your G & T to ruins? Well, there is no reason to be! In fact, your glass should be filled with lots of ice cubes because it keeps the gin perfectly chilled. 

The concoction will also taste more pleasant because ice has a dulling effect on alcohol. However, the diluting concern is not entirely a myth. To prevent your gin & tonic from diluting too much, use extra-large ice cubes that are denser and have a larger surface area which helps maintain ice integrity for longer. 

  1. Not Using the Right Glass 

Yes, the glass also impacts your G & T experience! Preferably, choose a glass that is highball with a wide brim. You can also opt for the traditional Spanish-origin Copa glass, which lets you get a good whiff of the cocktail before it touches your lips. 

The tall stemmed glass with its large surface area is essential to help release the flavours properly. The wide mouth also makes it easy to include an adequate number of ice cubes for added freshness. 

  1. Not Using Good-Quality Tonic 

Most people invest much in gin but not so much when it comes to the tonic that goes with it. This should not be the case. Great distillers live by the belief that even the best of gins cannot compensate for a cheap-quality tonic. 

Your gin brand should ideally recommend tonics to go with it, and it is a good rule always to match the tonic with the gin. 

  1. Not Being Creative with the Garnishes 

A wedge of lemon is too old school in the books of G & T. Getting creative with your garnishes can also take the G & T experience to the next level. 

A good practice would be to try and match the garnish with the gin. For instance – if your gin has a citrus or floral profile, you can garnish it with strawberries. Some blends go well with berries or even a modest slice of lime. 

  1. Not Giving Your Concoction a Good Stir 

Do you not notice mixologists always giving their perfect G & T a good stir before they present it to you? Then why abandon that practice at home? 

If the flavours form layers, you will deprive yourself of the otherworldly experience of tasting their blissful union. Let the flavours marry and complement each other through proper mixing. 

Raise a Toast to Your Perfect G & T Experience!

Besides the mistakes mentioned above, always remember to store your gin in the refrigerator, as not doing so may negatively alter its flavours. Also, never drink your gin & tonic through a straw! A good stir followed by a slow sip as the flavours invade your olfactory and gustatory senses is the only ideal way to go about it. 

Finally, ensure you purchase your ingredients from a reliable and top-quality seller, and there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying a G & T experience unlike any other! 

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