Improving the state of the planet’s ecology is not usually within the direct business objectives of commercial organizations, but that does not mean that their activities should not do their best to reduce their harmful effects on the environment. How can this be done? To change the approach to management and organization of the whole company, and the software of the board of directors portal will help with some points that may not directly reduce the impact of production but will change the perception of doing a stable business. 

Digital documents instead of paper

It is impossible to imagine an office without a variety of office supplies, papers, and everything that provides documentation for the company. Moving to digital documents and maintaining a digital archive will significantly reduce the consumption of products that use a lot of natural resources or are for single use. The management board software will help you with this because you can:

  • Create documentation. From contracts to reporting – you no longer need paper, pens, and everything that is commonly used for it. All you need is an Internet connection and a password to access the virtual boardroom.
  • Create a digital archive instead of a physical archive. No more cabinet orders, the cost of preparing an archive room, maintaining it, and more. Moreover, this archive will not need to be transferred if you suddenly change the location of your office, and most importantly, you will have access to it 24/7.

Online meetings instead of real ones

One of the points of the global environmental treaty is to reduce the adverse effects of vehicles and to promote machines running on renewable energy engines. Going to online rallies and holding an online council meeting can also help, as no one will need to use a vehicle to get to the venue. And even if, as psychology in business argues, in-person meetings are often more effective, online meetings in the portals of the board of directors are ideally suited for internal meetings, team discussions, and other meetings.

Cloud storage instead of removable media

It is possible to store files differently, and their storage on cloud servers is most convenient, and the software for the boardroom can serve as a great tool in this. You can forget about all USB drives and drives and reduce the demand for their use.

By using the board software, you not only improve the quality of management but also reduce the environmental impact of new business practices. And even if it is only a small step towards a full transition to sustainable environmental performance, it is worth starting today by comparing the portals of the board of directors.

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